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MEX-IX is the first IXP focused on Mexico

Peer with all Mexico networks and content providers at the MEX-IX, our internet exchange platform.

Services Interconnection Internet Exchange Point

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Peering means smart interconnection Peering means smart interconnection

Reduce your operating costs and enhance your network performance by exchanging traffic on our carrier-neutral internet exchange platform, MEX-IX. The peering platform is owned and operated by MDC in McAllen, where we connect the world’s largest concentration of Mexico networks.

Transit Savings

Peering helps you save OPEX by providing a local path between parties while reducing the load on international IP Transit links.

Network Performance

Enhance performance reliability and reduce latency for the Mexico market by peering in our neutral internet exchange platform.

Network Aggregation

A network can easily aggregate a large number of relatively small peering sessions across a single fixed-cost peering port, with zero incremental cost for each peer.

MEX-IX Technical Specs MEX-IX Technical Specs

Experience the benefits of a neutral Internet Exchange platform with a bilateral peering policy and carrier-grade NOC support.

  • 100% Neutral

    Establish your peering relations with any participant without limitations.

  • Port Speeds

    The MEX-IX features 10G and 100G ports on a Layer 2 Ethernet platform.

  • Bilateral Policy

    You have full control of your sessions and traffic exchange. You choose who to peer with.

  • Route Server

    Route servers facilitate multilateral peering and make it easier for networks to manage their peering arrangements. Connecting to the route server is free.

  • NOC + SLA

    For your peace of mind, we provide 24/7 NOC support and carrier-grade SLA for the peering platform.

  • Admin Portal

    Stay up to date with real-time statistics of your ports, see the list of participants and request new ports using the MDC Portal.


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