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All Mexican networks,
one interconnection provider

Get access to top Tier-1 networks, content providers, and all Mexico carriers in our carrier-neutral ecosystem.

Services Interconnection

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Extend your network cost-effectively Extend your network cost-effectively

Leverage our strategic location and carrier density on the edge to extend your network cost-effectively with a colocation partner that helps you make your business case.

Carrier Density

Connect to the world’s largest concentration of Mexico networks in our edge colocation facilities on the US-Mexico border.

Internet Exchange

Improve your network performance and save money by peering with top networks and content providers on the MEX-IX platform.

International Crossings

Get even closer to Mexico by crossing the border with our dedicated dark fiber solutions using redundant and independent routes.

We bring Mexico to McAllen

The first carrier-neutral IXP focused on Mexico

Enhance your network performance and save transit costs by peering at the first carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Point focused on the Mexico market.

More of MEX-IX

Enter Mexico with
unlimited bandwidth

Deliver your services inside Mexico keeping full control over your network with our independent and redundant fiber crossing solutions present in every border location.

About the crossings
Want to learn more about how Telia Carrier benefit with interconnection?

Want to learn more about how Telia Carrier benefit with interconnection?

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