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29 Nov, 2018 3 minutes

Mexico is well known for having a great fondness for sports. The country has world-class intelligent stadiums that offer networks capable of supporting the simultaneous connection of thousands of assistants and administrative staff.

These stadiums create new and better experiences for their visitors, with uninterrupted real-time access to the web, social networks, and exclusive applications, but technological development does not stop there, Mexico also wants to be the first country with live data during television broadcasts, which is unprecedented in international soccer.

The Bancomer League states that it has information on the teams and to improve the experience of the fans they want to show you live data on the number of passes of their favorite player, or their oxygen consumption, how many miles they go through in training. This league wants online users to also have access to live statistics during matches.

71.5 million people have Internet access in Mexico, which represents 60% of the population according to Inegi data. Although television maintains the preference of fans, the coexistence between television and a second screen (smartphone, tablet, computer), is increasing. Three years ago, 40% of football fans used a second screen in live games, but currently, the index reaches 70% of fans who prefer to interact in social networks, consume statistics or analysis of matches.

But in addition to such on-field technology, the market in Mexico is accelerating the pace of OTT in sport. In 2013, the Mexican Pacific League (LMP) offered the first platform over the top (OTT) for the transmission of sports content in Mexico, by that time, 74% of the matches of the regular season of the championship were broadcasted, by the signal of Megacable, and the entire postseason as well.

Although sports OTT platforms have not grown in the accelerated way that was predicted in Mexico, there are ten applications that offer live broadcasts – and retransmissions – of sports competitions of soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and – more recently – motor racing.

According to El Financiero, after the launch of LMP.TV in Mexico, nine other platforms that broadcast sports content have been launched, in chronological order: the Mexican version of NBA League Pass (2013), Claro Sports with Pachuca games and León (2014), Chivas TV with Guadalajara games, Cinépolis Klic with games of the Mexican Baseball League and Mexican Pacific League, and NFL Game Pass, all in 2016; Blim, which in 2017 was part of the agreement so that the football club of Guadalajara will sign a pay-TV transmission contract with Televisa. Even Blue to Go, linked to Sky, could launch its On Demand plan in a few months.

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This 2018, Fox launched Fox Play and Formula 1 recently announced that Mexico is among the 24 countries that will have the opportunity to watch the 21 Grand Prix of the championship by streaming.

Telecommunications companies such as Televisa, through Blim, and América Móvil, with Claro Video, offer sports content on Over The Top platforms. In part, because the audience in open television fell 18% during 2016 and pay-TV grew 1.2% last year.