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Ana Zapién

22 Jul, 2019 3 minutes

According to data from NewZoo, a market consultant specialized in the field of video games, Mexico’s gaming market now ranks 12th worldwide – outperforming Brazil – and throughout Latin America, it is the country with the most profitable gaming market.

The market value of the video game industry in Mexico reached over 27 billion pesos in 2018, which represented an increase of 9.1 % from the previous year. 

Market value breakdown:

  • More than $12.4 billion pesos came directly from the sale of games
  • About $10.8 billion pesos came from the sales of hardware

What is the gaming population demographics in Mexico?

  • The average age of the console player is 38 years
  • Of the 35 million homes in Mexico, 20% have a gaming console
  • 70% of fixed console players connect to the internet whenever they are going to play
  • From those that play online, 24% of console players and 12.7% of smartphone players make in-game purchases 
  • 65% of men play with their mobile at least once a month
  • 60% of women play with their mobile at least once a month
  • The average annual expense is $43.40 pesos per user
  • Of the total of players who have spent money on games, 77% have done so “recently” 

Mexico not only leads the LATAM gaming market in console sales but also with in-game sales,  with 51% of Mexicos 53.6 million players reporting that they make or have made in-game purchases. Mexico is also the top country in Latin America in terms of gaming revenue with 1.58 billion dollars, of which 38 % comes from the mobile market. This growth in 2018 represents a jump of 18 % from the previous year.

On the subject of esports, in 2018, 9% percent of Mexican players reported that they have competed in a video game tournament and 10.6% watched video game channels online. Not long ago the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE) in Mexico gave the green light to the Mexican Federation of Esports (FEMES), recognizing it as a sport in Mexico.

Mexican clubs are embracing esports, teams like Pachuca and Chivas will enter the competition with a professional team. While ‘Free Fire’, the mobile fashion game has an active league in Latin America.

In April 2019, Cracken Esports arrived in Mexico. In an interview with Xataka, Marketing Director Rodrigo Villalon said that Cracken Esports could currently hold up to 300 tournaments simultaneously. The objective of the company is that players who have never participated in an Esport have the opportunity to stand out in order to turn their passion into a job, therefore, opening the field of online games further in the country.

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