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29 Jun, 2017 4 minutes

Mexico Connect 2017 was the first ever wholesale telecom event in Mexico organized by Capacity Media, the company responsible for large telecom meetings such as the International Telecoms Week (ITW).

MDC was among the sponsors of Mexico Connect and our CEO Juan Salazar teamed up with other experts on a panel to discuss the future of carrier services in Mexico. As a subject matter expert, we had the chance to gather information and feedback from global companies showing interest in Mexico and our carrier-neutral proposition on the US-Mexico border. It was one of the busiest shows of the year for MDC, hands down.

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Analyzing the current landscape of the market in Mexico will help you understand the hype and make educated business decisions.

To make this analysis easier, we put together a list of key takeaways from the celebration meeting for the Fourth Anniversary of the Telecom Reform in Mexico. Also, you can take a look at our previous article covering the growth of broadband Internet in Mexico.

Four years after the telecom reform in Mexico

The primary goal of the Telecommunication Reform that took place in 2013 is to enhance economic competitiveness by bringing down costs and improving the quality of telecom services in Mexico.

We will focus on points of interest for the wholesale business. However, it is important to note that this reform has had meaningful progress in reducing the cost of wireless services (43%), International Long-Distance Calls (40.3%), and eliminating National Long-Distance Calls fees.

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Official stats of the Telecom Industry in Mexico by 4Q 2016

  • Fixed Internet Broadband Penetration reached 48% with more than 16 million subscribers. (8.7% year-over-year growth)
  • Internet Speed averaged more than 10 Mbps for 79% of Fixed Broadband Internet Subscribers.
  • Internet access through Fiber reached 16.1%. (10% year-over-year growth)
  • Mobile subscribers reached 111.7 million representing a 4% year-over-year increase.
  • Mobile Broadband Internet penetration stands at 61% with over 74.5 million active lines. (16% year-over-year growth)
  • Data Traffic per Subscriber is averaging 892MB with AT&T and Telcel leading at 1,609MB and 912MB per subscriber, respectively.
  • Total Data Traffic had a 135% increase versus 2015. America Movil (Telcel) tops the list with 140,000 TB (+146 billion MB) followed by AT&T and Telefónica with 42,000 TB (+44.4 billion MB) and 20,000 TB (+20.8 billion MB), respectively.
  • The shared network project awarded to Altan Networks is expected to cover at least 92.2% of the population by January 2024 (+100 million users)

Initiatives such as the Mexico Connected Program which provides free broadband Internet in more than 100,000 public spaces, and the UN-awarded Punto Conectado Mexico, a network of Digital Inclusion Centers, are signs of a country with the potential to become one of the most important emerging markets worldwide.

Thinking of Mexico? Think MDC

It is clear that the market in Mexico is worth considering the opening of new relations with local carriers to explore win-win opportunities and thrive together. Now, what is the first step?

Anytime you think of Mexico, think MDC. We not only understand the market but also have the largest density of carriers from Mexico in our carrier-neutral data centers. Now with an extensive presence on the US-Mexico border and International Fiber Crossings, we help you deliver your services to Mexico from McAllen, Laredo, and El Paso, without the hassle of opening an operation and getting additional service licenses in a foreign country.

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Feel the confidence of dealing with a subject matter expert in Mexico’s telecom market who will work together with you and introduce you to decision-makers for shortening time-to-market and getting an anchor customer right away.

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