Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

24 Nov, 2015 2 minutes

On the other hand, a carrier specific facility is dominated by one carrier that controls access to the facility.

You are aware of the growth of Internet and the need of connectivity, so how could you know what’s best  for your business? What does it mean to colocate your IT infrastructure in a Carrier Neutral data center? 

Opportunities for Carriers

There is a clear business opportunity for carriers’ interconnection, which is central to an effective communication industry. An interconnection allows subscribers to complete calls from his network to another subscriber’s network, in plain english.

Within a Carrier Neutral Data Center there is no boundaries for peering.  

Benefits of Carrier Neutral for Enterprises

You can opt to use multiple providers to build in redundancy. IT best practices often require to use at least two carriers to connect critical systems to the Internet, here is where Carrier Specific data centers fail.

Colocating in a Carrier Neutral facility gives you more flexibility, since you don’t need to move your hardware to a different data center to change from one carrier’s network to another.

Yes, competition drives down prices. In a carrier neutral data center you’re not tied to an specific carrier’s product offerings for bandwidth for as long as you remain in the facility.  Carrier’s compete and your cost of connectivity may be lower.

MDC Data Centers doesn’t limit your options of interconnection

We are a carrier neutral data center and carrier hotel. This gives our customers the benefit of having access to over 25 carriers located in the building, simply by colocating with us.

Our data center gives your business options of interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers or colocation providers. We take care of your business as much as you do.