Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

23 Dec, 2016 2 minutes

A carrier-neutral data center is a facility in which any carrier may offer services and compete for your business, whereas a carrier-specific data center is controlled by one carrier that manages the access and connectivity to your equipment. In other words, working with a carrier-neutral data center gives you full control over your business.

Redundancy is crucial

A critical consideration when choosing where to house your equipment is redundancy. Whether you are colocating critical systems or not, you need redundant ISPs to guarantee that if one fails, the other carrier will continue to provide service avoiding interruptions in your system. Tying the knot with a carrier-specific data center limits your choices for alternative carriers, ultimately impacting your levels of redundancy.

Freedom of Interconnection

Simply having a selection of carriers to choose from is enough reason on its own to partner with a carrier-neutral data center. Being able to compare products and services of several carriers adds a world of flexibility compared to being limited to the small selection of a carrier-specific data center.


Competition drives down prices, ergo choosing a carrier-specific data center is technically more expensive. Essentially, you are renting space on their court where they make the rules. On the other hand, with a carrier-neutral data center competition from multiple carriers drives the prices down significantly, and you get the benefit of choosing what’s best for your business.

Partnering with a carrier-neutral data center is a big win for you and your company. Not only do you have the opportunity to save money, but you’re also getting a much reliable service for your critical assets.

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