Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

16 Nov, 2016 3 minutes

Six Carrier Declarations are what separate Telia Carrier from its competition. These declarations are what make the foundation of what Telia believes every carrier should stand for. A standard to which they hold themselves, to assure they are on the top of their game and stay true to what they claim to be. These six declarations are:

#1 Be A Control Freak
#2 Challenge Everything
#3 Local, Local, Local
#4 Dare To Share
#5 Choose Your Allies. Carefully
#6 Power To The User

Each having its goal, these six principles combine to set the bar high for all of what Telia does. Breaking down each declaration, the first, “Be A Control Freak” refers to their desire for the highest quality of product and its ability to deliver a solid backbone that cannot go down. Owning the infrastructure and all the equipment necessary to make it operate puts the control in Telia’s hands. Allowing them to have firsthand knowledge and immediate response for repair needs all the way to owning the contracts to people set out to perform the repairs, assuring quality.

Second, “Challenge Everything,” represents Telia’s approach to solving problems. Always thinking through every move the company makes, this motto assures quality for both the company and customer. Never settling for second best, Telia challenges every obstacle head first which allows it to continue to be an innovator in the industry.

“Local, Local, Local,” refers to the company’s strong local connection and its ability to connect customers to personal account managers placed close them for a deeper and more personal understanding of their needs. With their expert knowledge of the markets they are managing, customers will always be able to get the exact help they need reliably.

The fourth declaration, “Dare To Share,” refers to its active partnering program to which it allows other companies to share its network. Inviting other businesses to open their network in exchange for Telia to open theirs is a program that benefits everyone, expanding network reach and higher-performance ability.

Piggy-backing the last declaration its fifth principle is, “Choose Your Allies. Carefully,” meaning that they are certainly open to sharing its network with other partners, but only with the best. Being choosy about whom they partner with allows Telia to eliminate the weakest link before it is even able to join the network. Setting its standards high, Telia only partners with companies of the highest quality, with an eye for detail in infrastructure all the way to service management.

Understanding that the end-user, connecting to the Internet from their computers or mobile devices, is ultimately whom they are working for; “Power To The User,” stands to represent the everyday people connecting to the internet without a second thought of how it happens in the backend. As an enabling infrastructure company, Telia understands that they must keep their product development customer driven, providing bundles of several services and pay-as-you-grow payment models. Written transparently these services are arranged to allow customers the ability to provide their business to more consumers.

Get in touch with Telia

If you would like to reach Telia Carrier the best way to do so is via the MDC Marketplace. Visit their storefront at http://marketplace.mcallendc.com/telia-carrier and send a direct message to a key contact within the organization. It’s that easy!

Telia’s success story of a three-month time to market at MDC Data Centers is also available to download here.