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27 Sep, 2018 3 minutes

As we have already described in previous publications, Content Delivery Networks are used to quickly and profitably deliver a wide variety of content in numerous endpoints such as web browsers, mobile devices, decoders or even game consoles.

The more robust CDNs, operated by companies such as Akamai® and Cloudflare®, make it possible to send content quickly to users no matter where they are in the world.

Technically, this means that many different servers are sending the content in diverse places as close to the eyeballs as possible, with the goal of decreasing latency to improve the end-user experience.

While they are optimized for video, a CDN can deliver any file; including images that any mobile application would use, for example, Airbnb or Uber. The update and immediate delivery of content can make the difference between taking an Uber or switching to Cabify, Lyft or any other company that shows the exact location of the car and the prices per trip.

With what CDN can you do peering in MDC?


Currently, this company accelerates and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services and other properties connected to the Internet through its global CDN and managed services. With its implementation in the MDC, MEX-IX Cloudflare® expands its network to 119 cities in 58 countries around the world. Some of his clients are Uber, GoDaddy, Fitbit, Yelp! And Reddit. This large content provider also has more than 6 million websites in its CDN service.

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Another of our largest content providers, who is part of MDC’s MEX-IX and considers McAllen as one of the most important hubs of interconnection with Mexico, the second most crucial online market in Latin America in games, social networks, services of streaming video and music. The MEX-IX allows peering with this CDN that distributes a large part of the traffic from all over the Internet, some of the most outstanding clients of Akamai® are Best buy, FOX and Airbnb.

Fast fact: Airbnb expects Mexico to represent 50% of the Latin American market by 2020.

Consumers watch more video content than ever on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. In this scenario, it is essential for operators to provide end-users with uninterrupted videos and without delays. One of the critical components is to use a Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solution that reduces traffic in the leading network, reduces capital expenditure and provides a cost-effective solution for the delivery of video content. Rely on our comprehensive CDN service, neutral provider to offer that solution and reduce the core network, international interconnection traffic by 10-25% and central network traffic by 50-60%.

Stay tuned, soon we will publish the second part of this note, and we will tell you about some of the Mexican networks that are part of the MEX-IX and its essential role in the market.