Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

30 Aug, 2016 2 minutes

The International Fiber Crossing route is not only diverse from existing routes in the Mexico-US border, but also provides a second path going into Mexico across the Hidalgo Bridge. This second path makes you feel confident by delivering more redundancy for every cross-connection.

Dual independent routes crossing into Mexico

Due to the growth of the telecom sector in Mexico, the city of McAllen has become an interconnection hub for mexican carriers looking forward to connecting to international providers and exploring business opportunities.

In an effort to support this growth and provide reliable connectivity across the border, we have invested in an International Fiber Crossing from our facility in McAllen to the city of Reynosa, in México.

On top of that, for your peace of mind we have a dual infrastructure available, independent from each other, crossing from our facility in McAllen into Reynosa, in Mexico, through the Anzalduas Bridge and the Hidalgo Bridge. This redundant ring positions MDC Data Centers as the most robust and reliable provider to serve the ever growing Mexican market.

MDC - International Fiber Crossing

Redundant ring with connectivity between McAllen and the city of Reynosa, in Mexico.

With support of a carrier neutral partner

Along with the benefit of getting an independent and diverse solution for connectivity across the border, having support from a carrier neutral partner means free decision when choosing the right carrier to connect to, reliably and on budget. There is nothing like having options to choose from.

At MDC, we are leaders on Carrier Neutral Colocation and are committed to work together with you on finding the best solution for your business needs.

Whether you want to explore interconnection opportunities or need advise on a business solution, we would like to have a conversation with you. Write an email to sales@mcallendc.com and my good friends at Sales will give you instant response.

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