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Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

28 Jul, 2016 3 minutes

The crossing route is diverse from current routes in this area of the US-Mexico border and is entirely owned by MDC, featuring direct connectivity to our site at the Chase Tower in McAllen, Texas.

Connectivity to an emerging market

Since the introduction of the telco reform in Mexico, competition has increased and new businesses has been attracted to this emerging market. Overall, more than $10 billion have been pumped into the Mexican telco industry over the last three years. As a result, investments in telco experienced a record-breaking 34.8% growth for Mexico.

This growth has also been positive for MDC . Due to our privileged position, we are considered a gateway to open new markets in Mexico and have the largest concentration of Mexican carriers in South Texas. These carriers have considered McAllen instead of Dallas to set up their PoP’s and interconnect with international providers.

MDC is committed to providing solutions for the industry, so this International Fiber Crossing is intended to help increase connectivity from and into Mexico at a highly competitive price.

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All-in-One Colocation

The International Fiber Crossing enables MDC to offer a Colocation Bundle by delivering international crossing, reliable colocation and world-class customer support all in the same place. No middle man needed, one supplier for everything.

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Flexible Financing Options

For your convenience, we created a Dedicated Dark Fiber service to fit your needs and budget. Carriers can choose between a one-time payment or a simple monthly recurring charge (MRC) for the 10-year IRU. Multiple pairs are available with an optional redundant route from the Anzalduas Bridge to the Chase Tower.

We are currently exploring several partnerships models with leading carriers worldwide, get in touch with our team to join these conversations. Drop us a line at sales@mcallendc.com and let us do your Business Case.

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