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26 Aug, 2019 2 minutes

Cloudflare introduces Magic Transit

This month Cloudflare announced its new software-defined networking product, Magic Transit, which makes Cloudflare’s network available to any IP traffic on the Internet. Up until now, Cloudflare has primarily operated proxy services: its servers terminate HTTP, TCP, and UDP sessions with Internet users and pass that data through new sessions they create with origin servers. With Magic Transit, they are now also operating at the IP layer: in addition to terminating sessions, their servers are applying a suite of network functions (DoS mitigation, firewalling, routing, and so on) on a packet-by-packet basis.

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GTT Enhances SD-WAN with Universal CPE to Improve Agility and Performance

GTT expanded its SD-WAN service by adding the capability to run multiple network applications on a single universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) device. uCPE enables more cost-effective and efficient delivery of network services, including centralized management of software updates and more flexible service customization.

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CenturyLink Launches Fully Managed VMware Cloud on AWS Service

CenturyLink announced the launch of CenturyLink® Private Cloud for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. This dynamic new service, bolstered by CenturyLink’s deep expertise in managed IT services and cloud connectivity, will be available in several regions by winter 2019.

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Camilo Aya Caro appointed new CEO of Telefónica Movistar Mexico

Telefonica has announced the appointment of Camilo Aya Caro as the new president and CEO of Telefonica Movistar Mexico, replacing Carlos Morales Paulin who is leaving the operator after 17 years, including six years at the helm of the Mexican unit.

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