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MDC Data Centers

1 Oct, 2018 3 minutes

Laredo is MDC’s second neutral data center on the southern border of the United States. This year, after critical strategic alliances, it has cemented its value proposition, both for the international market and for the Mexican market, focused on high availability services, neutral interconnection ecosystems, and international fiber crossings.

We have written some critical news for operators:

Privileged location, free of risks

The end of the hurricane season is approaching as well as the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year and with it the arrival of cold fronts. September and October are good months to talk about natural phenomena that could affect the Laredo, Texas area. The shock of tropical waves and cold fronts could generate storms and consequently floods in the area.

The MDC data center in Laredo is located in a privileged location. Much of the data center is concentrated in the downtown area, remaining within the quadrant that makes up the Rio Grande and other channels that could contribute to a flood in case of storms. For its part, MDC is located considerably to the north, thus removing any risk.

MDC Laredo is a safe place away from natural disasters. We are proud to guarantee, in addition to a first class service, the peace of mind that your equipment is in a safe and reliable place.

The diversity of access path

MDC Laredo has a double connection to the site with two accesses. The northern access in which the carriers from the north can connect, such as Dallas, San Antonio, among others, and the southern entrance. Our network is available to connect with the carriers that are already in Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mexico and with the capacity to accept new customers.

Laredo is a strategic area for network operators due to its proximity to Dallas, McAllen, and Monterrey, Mexico, which together represent a market of more than 1.5 million inhabitants.

Neutral link from Laredo Texas to Laredo Tamaulipas

Our link runs from Laredo Texas to Laredo Tamaulipas, by the border bridge number two. Currently, four bridges adjoin and MDC has plans to build a second bridge that reinforces the proposed Laredo operation.

We currently have a network length of 631 kilometers and the expansion plans could be consolidated in 2019.

The growth projection of carriers in 2019

During this year, MDC has sought the essential Mexican operators to grow the ecosystem and offer a diversity of services. The double-junction fiber crossing has managed to open the door with the incumbent operator in Mexico, who will soon start operations in Laredo.