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28 Jan, 2020 2 minutes

Heading to NANOG 78?  Don’t miss out on these five informative articles to help you prepare for the big event. See you there!

Search on PeeringDB faster & more easily with this Chrome extension

The NANOG 78 attendee list is now nearing 700 people representing hundreds of ASNs – and the list keeps growing.  Reduce the hassle of searching for information about ASNs, peering networks, and internet exchange points on PeeringDB with this Chrome extension. 

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IPv6 deployment triples in Mexico

In 2012, the Internet Society brought together the world’s major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies to permanently enable IPv6 for their services and products. Since then, IPv6 has grown from its early phase for “innovators” and is now moving into the “early majority” phase. Read more about how IPv6 deployment has progressed in Mexico. 

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The most important FAQs about peering in Mexico

Peering is an unclear term in some sectors of the industry and it can get confusing and consequently minimize or distort its advantages. Below we have listed some of the most critical FaQs from operators in our ecosystem when they considered peering in Mexico.

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Trust & Neutrality: The Challenges IXPs Face in Mexico

Mexico, which has the second-highest number of internet traffic in Latin America, has not experienced the same success with IXP development as Brazil has. In 2012, a review of Telecommunication Policy and Regulation in Mexico by the OECD noted that Mexico was the only member state that did not have an IXP and highly recommended for the country to establish one to incentivize the creation of local content and data center infrastructure.

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Mexico leads the Gaming market in Latin America

Mexico’s gaming market now ranks 12th worldwide and in Latin America, it is the country with the most profitable gaming market. Mexico not only leads the LATAM gaming market in console sales but also with in-game sales,  with 51% of Mexicos 53.6 million players reporting that they make or have made in-game purchases.

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