Written by

Ana Zapién

21 Jun, 2019 3 minutes

This post is part of a series that MDC has created to help you get the most out of ITW 2019. Here we share with you tips to improve your follow up on the opportunities you created during the event and how to manage the communication plan for those companies that you would not like to lose sight of.

Thank the attendees

We recommend you approach your marketing team and create a “Thank you” email. They will help you create the template and automate it. Use it to thank the attendees for their time. It can be an excellent opportunity to revisit the conversation weeks later.

Design an excellent follow-up message

Reopening the conversation is critical. The wrong message can close the doors with the company you met. Also, remember to make the prospect feel you have a genuine interest and not just a call or sales tracking email. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Ask how their plans are going. Especially with those that involve your company.
  • Avoid starting the conversation with: “I write to you in regards to  what we talked about.” Remember that he or she, like you, had a hard day of interviews and meetings. It is essential that you be concrete and remind them of what you and they talked about.

We recommend explaining in a line the summary of the meeting – for example: “Opportunity for placement in San Diego with MDC.”

Continue with three key points no larger than a line and close the message with specific actions, for example: “I will be in your city next week, would you like to grab lunch?”

Here is an example for a follow up email:

Subject of the mail: [Carrier & MDC] Placement in San Diego

Body of the mail: Hello, Ana. It was a pleasure to speak with you at ITW 2019 and to learn more about your plans for 2020. I am sure that the opportunity for colocation at MDC San Diego will help you better achieve your goals for growth as planned.

Closing: I would like to share with you a proposal that we have put together based on our meeting at ITW. I’ll be visiting your city the following week. Do you think we can have lunch on Wednesday?

Keep track of your you followups

Create a database for your follow-ups. It is important that you list the following fields in it:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Priority (based on your criteria)
  • Meeting objective
  • Key points
  • Next Steps
  • Action items your company is responsible for and who in your company is responsible to carry them out.
  • The date for the next meeting
  • Preferred contact method: This is very important, choose if it will be via mail, WhatsApp or mail. Have a script ready for each case and adapt it according to the contact and your need.

Share this material with the rest of your sales and marketing team and get to work. We hope that this set of blogs has helped your team conduct better and more productive meetings at ITW 2019.