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MDC Data Centers

10 Dec, 2018 2 minutes

For the past 9 months MDC planned and coordinated an event dedicated to the industry and clients. On the 29th of November all the planning was finally set fourth and delivered a first class Actively Neutral event. MDC was able to connect, in one room, 30 major industry leading Mexican, and international companies, as well as global content providers such as Amazon and Cloudflare.

The bases of the event was to thank the clients for the trust and joint achievements that have been accomplished at MDC. The team prepared an exclusive celebration for professionals of the sector to connect in a neutral space. The event which was held in Mexico City, was led by Rosa Maria Ogando, sales director of MDC. Rosa Maria’s and the MDC team’s vision came to life at the event, where colleagues, career partners and friends were able to network and converse in a relaxed atmosphere.

Upon arrival guest were greeted by the MDC team and quickly conversations with old friends began. Shortly after lunch MDC made an exclusive announcement which kicked off the evening. The hosts of the evening Juan Salazar CEO, and Mauricio Flores COO reflected to their customers the affection and gratitude of the entire company.

MDC Connect had a diverse and heterogeneous environment, a space free of competition which translated to a feeling of trust within a community of professionals. This was the first Actively Neutral event, the concept that illustrates MDC’s philosophy of neutrality, in which highlights the importance of the company’s proactivity with it’s clients, as well as its commitment to generate business opportunities that add value to business relationships through different initiatives, such as MDC Connect.

MDC has positioned itself in the market as a leader in neutral colocation services and at the forefront of the trends and demands of the sector. In order to stay true to the neutrality, they invited clients, content providers, international ISP’s and other key people to an event with a relaxed environment to contribute to the growth of the industry in Mexico.

MDC Connect is here to stay, an annual event that will give the clients an opportunity to chat, learn and connect with other industry leaders and decision makers worldwide.