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Your presence right on the edge of Mexico

Develop the ever-growing Mexico market with support of a subject-matter expert in the industry. Our edge data centers are strategically located on network crossing points between Mexico and the U.S. where we connect the world’s largest concentration of Mexico networks.

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Reach all Mexico networks from our three carrier-neutral facilities on the US-Mexico border in McAllen, Laredo, and El Paso.

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Connect to tens of networks in our ecosystem without limitations through private interconnect or public peering.

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Con dos cruces de fibra fronteriza en cada uno de nuestros mercados garantizamos altos niveles de redundancia con rutas exclusivas e independientes.

Explore our facilities on the edge Explore our facilities on the edge

Whenever you think about interconnecting to Mexico, think MDC on these strategic locations.


The most important hub for connectivity with Mexico featuring Tier-1 and content networks

The density of Mexican networks with backbone presence in McAllen makes this city a fundamental gateway in the US for +75 million Internet users in Mexico.

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Laredo connects you to the Monterrey Triangle: Monterrey, McAllen and Laredo, as a redundant alternative

Laredo is a neutral gateway for carriers. This triangle is key to strengthening the redundancy of carriers on the border with Mexico. The binode between Laredo and McAllen increases the reliability of the networks.

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El Paso
El Paso

El Paso, connectivity beyond the border. Its proximity to the border is a strategic alternative to unload the markets of Dallas, Los Angeles, and even Phoenix.

El Paso is a strategic location that provides a direct route that extends to Torreón, Coahuila. This route serves the northern states of Mexico that have the highest Internet consumption rates in the country.

Explore El Paso
El Paso


Nogales enables better access and connectivity with Mexican carriers on the Gulf of California. For carriers and content providers, Nogales is the ideal solution.

Nogales has a direct path to cities along the Gulf of California with more than 15 million eyeballs. This area includes important cities such as Hermosillo and Guadalajara. Discover the potential of the Gulf of California.

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Beyond Colocation Beyond Colocation

You get everything you need to extend your network cost-effectively: reliable colocation, carrier-neutral interconnection, internet exchange, and international fiber crossing.

100% Carrier-Neutral

Carrier neutrality allows you to have more control over your business and interconnection services. We don’t compete with you; we facilitate your growth.

Enhanced Connectivity

Get increased redundancy and improve your network performance by connecting through private interconnection, public peering or international fiber crossing.

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Find the anchor customer for your business case or build a more effective solution with support of our team of experts and the Marketplace.

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