Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

30 Nov, 2015 2 minutes

Running your own server room is expensive and doesn’t let your IT team focus on what really matters, your core business. Colocation Data Centers offer companies and organizations the ability to maximize available resources and potential within their businesses.

Now that you’ve come this far, let’s take a look at three benefits from choosing a Colocation solution for your business:

Reduced costs

Data Centers are a cost effective solution for businesses thinking on expanding its infrastructure. Think about the expenditure required for setting up and in-house data center, maintenance, staffing, security, disaster recovery, power backup and a long etcetera. Colocation gives you everything you need to set up your infrastructure, you provide the equipment and your colo provider hosts your hardware and takes care about power, cooling, connectivity, redundancy, security and disaster recovery

Connected for real

Your business needs a secure, diverse and high-quality fiber optic network connectivity. Data Centers are usually connected to multiple transit providers, which gives you flexibility and benefits from a better service for less cost.

Stability and security

Information loss is critical. Power outages are an important concern of your IT department.  A natural disaster could bring your business down. An intrusion could compromise your business data and reputation. Don’t take that risk, with a Colocation provider you will have power generators, backup batteries, fire alarms, biometric scanners, coded access, alarms and such, to ensure that there is never a breakdown in service or leaks of information

Colocating with us

We, at MDC, offer a highly secure environment to deploy your computing, network, storage and IT infrastructure. You need a partner who can deliver data center service sized to meet your current needs, but flexible enough to support your power, cooling and interconnect needs as you implement your growth strategy. Here we are, if you want to know more about us, visit MDC Data Centers as your Colocation Provider.