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Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

25 Feb, 2016 2 minutes

More features just one click away

The new MDC Portal combines the speed of our customer support with the comfort of a self-management system, built for reducing time-to-market while boosting your business productivity.

Cross Connect Inventory - MDC Portal

Cross Connect Inventory – MDC Portal

The MDC Portal provides instant benefits to customers, by easing their communication to customer support and by simplifying operations, such as new service order requests. Also, customers will have access to Cross Connect inventory management, including granular detail by port; as well as real time sensors information, camera feed and the status of our standby Natural Gas generators.

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“At MDC, we have an estimated time of 48 hours to deliver cross-connects, which is only possible thanks to our effective communication with customers and our commitment to work together towards common business objectives”, says July Herrera, NOC Director at MDC Data Centers

Explore your opportunities to open new markets, download our Carrier List and request your new service order using our MDC Portal.

You’ve got control: anywhere and anytime

From the mobility of your smartphone or the comfort of your tablet, the MDC Portal adapts to your needs and lets you keep control over your data center assets at all times; allowing you to react quickly to market requirements.

The MDC Portal is fully responsive for your comfort and convenience

The MDC Portal is fully responsive for your comfort and convenience

With a light and responsive design, the MDC Portal adjusts to your device screen, without compromising its performance or functionality. There is no time to lose, request your access now or send a list of authorized accounts to support@mcallendc.com

If you have not yet experienced MDC and you are interested in becoming part of our growth ecosystem, drop us a line to sales@mcallendc.com or get a Quick Quote using the form on your right side.

To get more information about the MDC Portal or any other benefits, don’t hesitate to contact marketing@mcallendc.com and follow us on Twitter @mdcdatacenters – Linkedin MDC Data Centers