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MDC Data Centers

13 Sep, 2018 3 minutes

You have probably heard the term ‘neutrality’ more than once or twice. The growth of Internet users worldwide and the need for  hyperconnectivity are demanding for genuinely neutral data centers that become strategic partners and not competitors with unfair conditions that drive up costs.

According to the most know definition of carrier neutrality in the industry, a neutral data center is one that encourages the interconnection between multiple ISPs and operators, allowing any customer to have a direct connection with the network provider of their choice. In theory, they do not force or encourage their clients to look for a specific provider.

But neutrality must go beyond this technical definition.

Today more than ever, data centers must turn to collaboration for the good of the Internet, only with a change of mentality the industry can build a new generation of networks that form that necessary infrastructure capable of delivering maximum value to users.

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The detonators mentioned above have put network operators in a countdown to increase their competitiveness and accelerate their modernization. Entering a neutral data center may be the starting point, but it is essential that this is not a passive provider. On the contrary, providers must take the initiative to promote the connection of network operators with the right ISPs at the right time.

Actively neutral ™, neutrality should not be passive

MDC has decided to take a proactive role with its clients, providing tools and spaces that help them find the best options within the MDC ecosystem. Neutrality must become proactive in favor of better business opportunities.

A neutral data center is obliged to know its entire ecosystem, be aware of the new technologies, the critical moments of the industry, best practices and innovation to offer the best technological and commercial option to its customers.

In addition to fostering competition, giving flexibility and diversity, they must also have a vision, a long-term plan. Including Tier 1 and 2 carriers in your ecosystem today is an obligation, finding new players, integrating them and preparing the ground for your customers is the next step.

Today MDC works with more than 35 large companies in the sector, divided between network operators, content providers, and service providers.

Our neutral data centers can help you map strategy, create appropriate business cases and show you which operators make sense to create synergy. In such a competitive world, full of information it is essential to have a partner that filters the news, to raise your hand when you find an exciting opportunity and analyze with the profitability of the projects for your clients.

Neutrality can mean a win-win. Make sure that data center neutral has a high density of carriers, that it has in its ranks strategic operators that mark the route today and that tomorrow they lead the trends that will open opportunities in the market.