Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

7 Dec, 2015 2 minutes

With demand for information growing rapidly every day, we’d rather be well prepared. The installation of these new standby generators honors our commitment of providing tailored solutions for our customers’ needs and performance requirements. Today we’re very happy and want to share the good news.

Our new generators are based on natural gas, which is favorable in terms of energy efficiency, availability and fuel access in case of natural disasters. In addition, greenhouse gas emission of carbon dioxide is minimal with a natural gas generator, so we contribute to a cleaner environment.
Here at MDC Data Centers you will find a partner that works hand in hand with you and offers services focusing on your peace of mind, so we give you the opportunity to delegate your IT infrastructure without concerns.

Truly redundant power

To better protect our data center and customers’ equipments, we set up a 2N redundancy power system with independent units, creating a high availability environment to keep you protected and connected.

Investing for constant growth

The acquisition of these natural gas generators are part of an investment plan to manage the growth of MDC Data Centers as a strategic partner for carriers and enterprises in South Texas. Today, we have enough capacity to handle new customer requirements with the effectiveness and rapid response with which our industry demands.