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July Herrera

30 Mar, 2017 3 minutes

What is the MDC Portal?

“The MDC Portal is our signature customer portal. It’s a self-management platform to manage your colocation services in MDC Data Centers. It enables customers to have full control of their inventory, ODFs, cross-connects, on-site support services and other requests to MDC.”

What can you do with the MDC Portal?

“The MDC Portal offers a dashboard and a control panel for managing services with us. You can request cross-connects, remote and smart hands,  inbound shipments, and physical access to our facilities.

The dashboard has a visual cross-connect inventory including information about the ODF panels, ports status, and circuit paths. Last but not least, you can look at your equipment in real time thanks to a monitoring camera attached to your cage or rack.”

What is the best feature of the MDC Portal?

“We have received compliments for two top features. One of them is the live feed camera which allows customers to see their equipment in real time. So when customers send a contractor to our facility, they can see how the work is being done on site. Or if you request a remote hand service, for instance, you can see as we operate your equipment and give us live guidance when needed. The camera feed is a unique feature for sure, as no other customer portal in the industry provides this real-time experience.

To watch the live feed, you just need to log in to the MDC portal, and the camera will stream right next to the cross-connect inventory, which is the next favorite feature because it eases the administrative workload of having records of every single cross connect, service order and LOA on paper or endless spreadsheets.

The cross-connect inventory presents the customer a visual interface with full information of each cross-connect alive in MDC. Customers can also keep track of the circuits and explore job requests related to a particular position in the fiber panel.

The customer portal also provides roles for managing user privileges within the platform, so that billable requests are only performed by authorized personnel.”

MDC Customer Portal

The MDC Portal gives you full control over your assets at MDC Data Centers

How long does it take for a response?

“Our team will respond to your request via email within the first 15 minutes during business hours. However, in the case of an emergency, we encourage our customers to call us immediately so that our team can give expedite support.”  

How can I request access to the MDC Portal?

“It is easy; we keep it as simple as possible. Just send an email to noc@mdcdatacenters.com with your request, and then we process it by creating an account for you and your authorized personnel. You may also specify whether they will have access to billable request or not.

Upon customers request, we arrange training sessions to show the full potential of the platform and tour around the features. The MDC Portal was built for your peace of mind, security, and convenience.”