Written by

Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

30 Nov, 2017 3 minutes

After much customer feedback and teamwork, we are happy to announce the relaunch of our Remote Hands service with a new convenient offering featuring per usage, prepaid and subscription packages.

The Smart Hands help you with complex tasks

The new service offering introduces the Smart Hands category which defines more complex tasks on site usually requiring specialized tools and experienced technicians. The activities covered by the Smart Hand service include:

  • Equipment installation or replacement
  • Interface card removal and installation
  • Advanced circuits migrations
  • Hot swaps of ports and fiber (Hot Cut)
  • Racking or stacking of equipment
  • Advanced maintenance windows

The Remote Hands service remains as usual including the following activities:

  • Providing visual verification
  • Verify cable integrity of installed equipment
  • Cleaning fibers and connectors
  • Verify power status
  • Power cycling (reboot & reset)
  • Standby Assistance
  • Photographing space or equipment
  • Inventory Auditing and Labeling
  • Shipping and Receiving Activities
  • Storing tools or equipment on site
  • Discarding Boxes or Items
  • Basic cleaning of equipment or space

Both categories are available for services on demand and have different pricing for activities performed during business hours and after hours.

The Service Packages help you save more and do more

The much-demanded feature of our old Remote Hands service is presented in two different flavors: prepaid and subscription packages.

The prepaid model allows you to purchase bulk hours in advance of a big project, data center migration, or routine maintenance on site. With a minimum purchase of ten hours, the prepaid package gives you access to our team of certified technicians to perform any type of activity in the Remote or Smart Hands category. Prepaid Hours last for 45 days, so you have plenty of time to make good use of them.

For those who want to delegate and save more, the new service introduces a monthly subscription package featuring full access to our engineers for easy, routine, and complex tasks on site. Packages have different pricing for 5, 10, or +25 hours that you can use throughout the month with a minimum six-month commitment.

Both models – prepaid and subscription – will help you improve uptime and reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance. Also, as long as you have hours available your costs stay the same during business and after hours.

Available today and 24/7 in every MDC location

The new offering for On-Site Support services is now effective and available for MDC customers and noncustomers in McAllen, Laredo, and El Paso. Unlike other colocation providers, we guarantee a 24/7 support service in every location where MDC has a presence.

For more information about pricing and package benefits contact us at mkt@mdcdatacenters.com.