Written by

Claire Martinez

10 Oct, 2016 1 minute

The glamour of high fashion hits the streets of Paris everyday, but is on complete overdrive once a year during Paris Fashion Week.

You see the likes of world jetsetters, supermodels, but most importantly the work of renowned designers. The man of the week, better yet the man of fashion being Karl Lagerfeld of course, always creates a stage straight out of real life scenes, adding drama and character to the already most anticipated designs of the season. This year was no different, yet so different. He combined fashion with IT. A set up inside of Grand Palais created to look like a data center.

Naturally the clean white walls filled with racks and colorful fiber strands is a common scene for us in the IT world, but the fashion enthusiast in me was completely smitten to see them combined. There seems to be no real reasoning behind the theme, but what is obvious is the importance of technology, the takeover of data and how it is virtually received.

It is in our favor for the world to see, through different channels, the world of data and through what better channel than Chanel.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images