Written by

Juan Salazar

8 Oct, 2015 1 minute

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our facility in McAllen. By more than doubling our square footage, we endeavor to make our clients feel protected and connected when they chose to partner with MDC for all their colocation needs. We strive to make you feel secure about your McAllen POP so you can get back to focusing on the other million things you need to get done.

MDC Expansion

Phase 1 of our expansion is located on the ground floor of the Chase Tower. Here is how you benefit from this expansion. Relieve weight concerns: New transport and network equipment can literally weigh ‘a ton’, this new ground floor expansion will allow us to install virtually any size gear your network requires. Redundant Fiber Pathways: New diverse vertical conduits throughout the building will connect floors in a secure manner. Room to Grow: Go ahead and focus on your core business, we are looking out for you by removing obstacles to your growth.