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Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

26 Jan, 2017 4 minutes

First, I’d like to thank you – the customer, partner, friend, and colleague – because we wouldn’t have done it without you. We hard-worked throughout the year to deliver only the best solutions to you, building a more interconnected world and helping you achieve success by listening to your needs and responding accordingly.

Let’s take a glimpse back

By engaging with our Mexican customers, we determined that reliability regarding power infrastructure was one of their main concerns. So we started 2016 turning up and certifying our Dual Power Generators running on Natural Gas, for delivering more reliability and disaster readiness. Our first milestone of the year, investing in the latest technology available for standby power backup. Today, MDC proudly commits to providing a top-notch colocation service with 100% uptime.

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Innovation keeps us busy at MDC Data Centers, later in March we announced the launching of the brand new MDC Portal, our signature self-management platform for managing your colocation and interconnection services from the comfort of your computer. Our most praised feature so far is the ability to watch your equipment in real time, thanks to a live camera feed located on your online dashboard. You can also keep track of your cross-connects accessing to the inventory management.

Original post: The new MDC Portal gives you full control over your business

Back in May, we had a very productive trip to Chicago to attend the International Telecom Week 2016. In there we met several of our customers and officially announced the launching of our newly designed website, featuring more resources and simpler navigation. Juan Salazar and I had a pleasant talk about the future of MDC Data Centers with talented Jaymie Scotto of JSA TV, which team and dedication to the telecom industry are outstanding. During my interview, I told Jaymie that I foresaw a “year of growth” for MDC Data Centers and our customers, and here we are talking about a remarkable year.

Watch the video: The MDC Team was on the spot at #ITW2016

Being able to contribute for a more connected world fuels MDC to always move forward seeking better ways to foster connectivity among our customers. So we went ahead and transformed the data center into an ecosystem of growth; the MDC Marketplace was born in September, featuring messaging capabilities, carriers storefronts and a Quick Quote functionality to capture qualified leads on autopilot. We have an in-house team dedicated to designing and branding our customer’s profiles so that they can focus on business while we do the heavy lifting to promote their services in McAllen. It is free for customers and, if you haven’t joined yet, you may visit the Marketplace and request your storefront here.

Press Release: MDC transforms the Data Center into an ecosystem of growth with the Marketplace

The telecom industry in Mexico has been growing non-stop since the telecommunication reform in 2013, which encouraged competition and increased investors confidence in this Mexican sector. Since then, the telecom industry in Mexico has grown three times faster than their GDP. Consequently, the demand for more connectivity has been bursting at a similar pace in MDC Data Centers. Mexican carriers are, now more than ever, willing to interconnect to ISPs around the world to keep up with the ever-growing market needs.

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This intro was necessary to highlight our next 2016 milestone: the first carrier-neutral International Fiber Crossing in the US-Mexico border. We worked throughout the year to establish this much-needed bridge of connectivity across US and Mexico, which enables a cost-effective solution for Mexican carriers to connect quickly and reliably from Reynosa, north of Mexico, to our Meet-Me-Room in McAllen. The fiber crossing not only uses a different route but also has an optional second path for redundancy purposes, forming a ring around the McAllen metropolitan area. Also, this new infrastructure allows MDC to offer a Colocation Bundle containing the international fiber crossing with flexible contracts. What a flourish closure for a remarkable year!

Official Launch: MDC Data Centers announces carrier-neutral connectivity to Mexico via International Fiber Crossing

Speaking on behalf of the organization, we are thankful for an incredible year of growth for our customers and the company, and we look forward to this 2017 with more innovation, locations, and partnerships. Please, don’t forget to follow @mcallendc on Social Media and LinkedIn for real-time updates.

Thanks for reading!